Dear attendees,

We would like to express our appreciation and congratulation for the distinguished works you had contributed to IEA/AIE 2023. Based on the current situation of overseas travel, we have finally decided that this years’ conference will be held online, we will do our best to make this year's meeting successful and unforgettable.

Please follow the following instructions to accomplish the required procedures for conference registration.

All attendees for IEA/AIE 2023 are kindly requested to register. The registration fee includes conference proceedings, published by Springer, and all the online technical sessions.

Please note that at least one author per paper must register before April 20th, 2023. Otherwise the paper will not be included in the IEA/AIE 2023 technical program and proceedings. The basic registration fee for each paper is 500 US$ (outside mainland China) or 3300 RMB (for attendees inside mainland China). Please also note that the page length limit is 12 pages for regular papers, 6 pages for short papers, extra pages will incur extra page charges. The basic registration fee include 12 pages for regular papers and 6 pages for short papers. Additional pages including all figures, tables, and references (with a maximum of 6 pages per paper) should be purchased for 30 US$ (for attendees outside Chinese Mainland) or 200 RMB (for attendees within Chinese Mainland) per page.

Related forms and supporting documents must be received with payment no later than April 20th, 2023.

We also welcome people without papers but want to attend the conference, so we offer an Attendee Registration way for those people, which only costs 45 USD or 300 RMB.

Please download the registration form through the following links and complete the payment. Please note that the payment method for attendees outside Chinese Mainland (overseas attendees) is different from the method for those within Chinese Mainland, so please pay attention and choose the right one from the following two ways.

Registration Method

Step 1: choose the right way and complete your payment

(1)If you are an overseas attendee outside Chinese Mainland, please download and fill in the registration form at RegistrationFromForOverseasAttendees.pdf and pay the Registration Fee by the credit card through An official receipt for the payment will be offered to the registrant via post office mail. If you hav ae problems with credit card payment, please contact by email:

(2)If you are an attendee in Chinese Mainland, you must pay your Registration Fee through bank transfer (如果您是来自中国大陆的作者和参会人员,请务必选择银行转账 方式汇款到以下指定银行账户). Please download and file in the registration form at RegistrationFormForChineseAttendees.pdf and pay the Registration Fee through bank transfer to the following account.

户 名:上海财经大学
地址、 电话:上海市杨浦区国定路777号021-65904902
账 号:1001224909300050373

If you have problems with bank transfer payment, please contact the secretary:Fenglin Zhou (

Step 2: send an email to the registration secretary

Please send an email to with attachment of your registration form file.

If you are an attendee from Chinese Mainland please also send the copy of your banker transfer receipt together with your registration form to (如果您是中国大陆参会人员, 请将银行回单复印件和注册表一同发给我们)

Please feel free to let us know if you have any problem regarding the conference registration.

Thank you again for your contribution to IEA/AIE 2023.

We look forward to meeting you IEA/AIE 2023.

Organizing Chair of IEA/AIE 2023

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